A Day in the Life…Interview with Acts of Hope Pupils

Volunteer Charlie Manning asked five children to tell her about their day to day lives at Acts of Hope.


From left to right: Kreeti (14 years old), Karan (above, 12 years old), Arjan (below, 8 years old), Dhanya (10 years old), Nikhil (14 years old).

What time to you get up in the mornings and what do you have for breakfast?

Nikhil: 7am and I eat some rice.

Kreeti:   6am; I have bread.

Ajan:  I get up at 7am. I eat rice and samba (tomato curry).

Karan: 7am to eat bread.

Dhanya: 7am. I have a chapatti.

How do you get to school, what’s it like and what do you see on the way?

Nikhil: My dad brings me to school on his motorbike.

Kreeti:   I come on the school bus. I like it.

Ajan:  I like to come on the school bus too.

Kriti:   There are lots of vehicles and shops, such as stationery shops and Aishwarya  supermarket.

Nikhil: I see big vehicles like lorries.

Kreeti:   We see dogs in the road.

Ajun:  And pigs.

What happens when you get to school?

Kreeti:   First we go inside the classrooms. We put our bags away and go straight to  assembly.

Nikhil: We wish the teachers good morning and we pray.

Kriti:   And we sing the national anthem.

What is your favourite subject?

Ajun:  Maths. I like times tables!

Karan: I like English, because it’s easy for me.

Dhanya: English. I like filling in missing letter sheets.

Kreeti: English – it’s easy for me and I try to speak it more.

Nikhil: I like Hindi because Hindi is easy to read. I also like learning about history and geography.

What happens at lunchtimes?

Kreeti:   We get the school food.

This has been happening since 2013: the children get provided with free lunches every day at school.

Nikhil: It’s normally rice and samba.

What do you think of the food?

Ajun:  We like it!

(They all nod)

What time do you get home and what do you do then?

Ajun:  I get home at 4 o’clock. Then I do homework for two hours. Then I watch TV.

Karan: 3.30 p.m. I also do homework. Then I play some games…like hide and seek.

Dhanya: 4 o’clock. I will wash my face and change my dress. After that I play games.

Kreeti:   4. I wash my hair and face and eat some food. Then I do my school homework. But later I’ll read.

Nikhil: About 3 o’clock. First I change and eat. Next I will read. I like to read about all subjects for my lessons.

What do you want to do in the future and what makes you happy now?

Nikhil: I want to become a military man in the Indian army. Now I like playing football.

Kreeti:   I want to be an air hostess but now I like to play games and study.

Dhanya: I want to be in the police.

Karan: I’m going to be a software engineer. Now I like playing games.

Ajun:  Engineer! Now I enjoy playing games.