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Our first University Graduate!

Congratulations to Sherfoon for achieving a Bachelor’s degree  in Engineering. You are a pillar of hope for the other children at the Acts of Hope school and an inspiration to all of us!

Sherfoon Graduating with a Batchelor’s degree in Engineering, 2017

Sherfoon’s career begins with an internship with Bosch, India. We wish you every success!

Sixth formers at PUC

Rehemath, Pooja, Shwetha and Monish in the flat at the school – Summer 2016

Thanks to scholarships and bursaries from Acts of Hope UK these lucky teenagers are able to attend PUC. This enables them to continue their education past GCSE level. These hard-working students hope to go to university and on to work placements. They need our support financially and emotionally through higher education. None of their family members have experienced the academic life before so they need mentors. As you can see they are very happy to be there!

Lunchtime at Acts of Hope School!

Watch this video from the latest trip to the school by John and Jenny Wishney to see the free lunches that the school provides each day so that the children can concentrate during lessons!

As you’ll see, each child brings their own plate and receives a hearty helping! If there is any left over, the children get to take it home at the end of the day.

Lunchtime At Acts of Hope