The Acts of Hope Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is the successor organisation to the “Acts of Hope Charity” which was originally registered as an unincorporated charity in March 2000.


The principal objective of the new incorporated charity is to raise funds for the relief of poverty amongst poor children and young people by giving them a proper education resulting in the qualifications and skills they need to realise their potential. 


We work​ directly​ with​ the Acts of Hope Charity School in Kasavanahalli providing coaching, technical support and guidance to ensure that funds we raise are applied effectively to the education of poor children, regardless of sex, race or caste.


The benefits which Acts of Hope CIO brings to impoverished and disadvantaged​ children includes: 

  • Early childhood education
  • Improved health, motivation and self-confidence​
  • First class primary and secondary education in: ​English​, mathematics, science, technology
  • Vocational and technical skills focussed on employment
  • Access to College and University places

With your help, Acts of Hope is working hard to overcome the problems of severe poverty. It provides access to a life changing education for more than 420 children who attend the Acts of Hope Charity School Kasavanahalli. It is also helping a number of students to continue with their education or to develop marketable skills.