AoH UK, Bringing Hope and Opportunity

Acts of Hope UK raises funds to  provide a free primary and secondary education to children living in the urban slums of India. Without Acts of Hope and your support many of these children would face a life of desperation, poverty and exploitation.

The Acts of Hope Charity School in Kasavanahalli is the primary beneficiary of the funds raised by Acts of Hope UK.  It is situated on the outskirts of Bengaluru and has been in operation for more than nineteen years. Today it supports 422 children. They are the lucky ones. They at least, have a chance to break out of the ongoing cycle of poverty.

We help to provide primary and secondary education in science, mathematics, information technology, english, local languages and social sciences.

The Need

The urban poor around Bangalore have no safety nets and their income barely covers food and living costs. Education is expensive. These children have little chance of an education.