Lester Porter, Chairman

Rob Hayter, Trustee

Sonya Timms, Trustee

John Wishney BSc. CEng MIET, Chief Executive.

John has been working with Acts of Hope since 2011, currently as the Executive Director. John has over thirty years of experience in international ICT projects. He has lived and worked in Europe, West Africa, The Middle East, The Far East, The USA and the UK. He has has been an enthusiastic supporter of educational technology (EdTech) ever since 1989 when he worked on the Jason Project. Jason was designed to inspire students to follow interests in Science, Technology and Engineering using satellite communications and remote-controlled submersible vehicles.

Jenny Wishney,  BSc. Trustee and Treasurer.


Jenny has visited the school several times and was overwhelmed by the happiness of the children. Meeting the children made her realise how much they and their families value this chance of an education and the hope of a career doing something they want to do. The photo is with Beulah who Jenny has sponsored, with a group of friends, for three years. She is currently the Treasurer and Child Sponsorship coordinator for AOH in the UK. Initially, Jenny worked for British Steel and the C.I.T.B as a Training Officer, followed by teaching English as a TEFL teacher in Germany and Singapore. Jenny also works with other charities in the role of treasurer.