The urban poor in India have little state support. Their average income does not cover the escalating costs of food and rent for their shanty homes.

The Acts of Hope Charity School in Kasavanahalli has been working in the slum villages of Bengaluru since 1999 when visitors from the UK saw the plight of the children of migrant labourers who were attracted to Bengaluru. They decided to act and bought a small plot of land where they first built a nursery school. Eventually, it was recognised that education could provide the children and their families with a route out of poverty.

Since then, the nursery school has expanded into a well respected primary and secondary school. There are a team of qualified local teachers who look after 422 children, six days a week teaching them English, mathematics, science and technology.

Acts of Hope was established in the UK to fundraise to support this education project. Donations help to pay for teachers, books, transport, uniforms, shoes and socks, and mid day meals.

The charity has a mission to improve the school facilities and increase the opportunities for the children. This has been achieved by forming strong links with many local and international businesses, schools and colleges.

If you are able to support the school in any way, please contact us or if you can make a much-needed donation, please visit our JustGiving page.