There are many ways to join in and help:

Monetary donations

UK Volunteering and In-kind donations

  • Fundraising events – host your own event (e.g. coffee morning or bake sale)
  • Teach English via Skype to AoH teachers
  • Mentoring AoH students via Skype and email
  • Community AoH  Ambassador
  • Share your skills, assets and time to support our UK charity
  • Become an Ambassador – tell your school, colleagues and friends about us!
  • Become a Corporate Partner or Sponsor

India Volunteering and In-kind donations

  • Volunteering at the school in India
  • Offers of internships to AoH graduates
  • Corporate talks – educational and inspirational talks to AoH students, India
  • In-kind donations, India (equipment, clothing, books, toys)
  • Run a workshop for the AoH children (entrepreneurship, life-skills, sports, non-academic)